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Founded in 2007, VDL Group is the leading producer and innovator in micro Li-ion battery industry.
Headquartered in Wanzhou, Chongqing, VDL has manufacturing sites in Wanzhou, Kaizhou and Dongguan, as well as sales offices in Shenzhen, Boston, San Francisco and Stockholm. VDL’s proprietary coin cell batteries, pouch cell batteries and pin cell batteries are powering various electronic devices from multiple top-tier brands. It is our mission to help pave the way for a more intelligent, more efficient and more delightful world by utilizing our cutting-edge technology and manufacturing capability to unceasingly provide ever smaller, lighter, safer and more powerful battery solutions.

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VDL was founded in 2007 and is now the market leader in miniature, rechargeable, lithium ion batteries. VDL currently ships over 100 million batteries annually and holds the position as the largest provider of micro batteries in China. VDL’s batteries are widely integrated into the most popular smart devices from top 15 manufacturers of consumer electronics in the world. We are led by an international team of battery experts with diverse backgrounds and currently employ over 3500 employees worldwide.

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